Saturday, January 21, 2012

3rd Post Op for Foot

The third post op visit for my foot was on Friday January 13th. Visit was to to see if pin was ready to come out and change the bandages. Unfortunately, the pin was not ready to come out, but is definitely getting closer. Notice in the first couple of pictures how close the pin is to the skin and then the doc came in and moved it as shown in the last picture really well how it is no longer close to the skin. Ouch...could definitely tell the pin was still in the bone. Tried to go without a pain pill that night...biggest mistake ever. No sleep because the pain became intense and ended up taking the pain pill at 2:30 am, but it was too late. Every time I would finally start to doze, I dreamed I was walking on my foot in pain. Pin should come out next week though, so hopefully I will be scooter free after next Friday and be able to walk some on it.

Later that evening we had some friends, the Hare family, come over that just moved into our neighborhood.  We got some barbeque from Smokey Bones.  Jason got the bright idea to warm up the food in the oven.  Well, that would have been fine except the food was all in styrofoam and paper.  Well, the styrofoam melted and the paper started to burn.  Luckily nothing caught fire and the meats were all in the paper that was in the styrofoam, so none of it melted on the meats.  The corn and beans were a different story.  Nobody ate those except Jason, even after we warned him of the dangers.  It was a really fun evening and the kids had a lot of fun playing together.

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