Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday January 6, 2012 2nd Bandage Change

Before going into detail about my doctor's visit today, let me tell you about Kaylyn & Ashlyn.  Kaylyn had her post pneumonia check up today with her pediatrician.  She still hears a little cracklin in her left lung, but sounds like it's on the mend.  So the doctor asks if everyone else at home is healthy...and of course I say yes.  Then I went to drop off Kaylyn to GEMS and I see Ashlyn looking miserable, as if she just cried, at GEMS.  At the end of GEMS I felt her and she felt really hot, so I told Jason to drop by with the thermometer and tylenol.  She of course has a 102 fever and her throat hurts and she has green snot.  So Jason takes her to urgent care since it is now 5:00 pm and waits for 2 hours to be seen.  They do a strep culture, but automatically prescribe amoxicilin because of her heart murmur anyways. Still waiting for the results of the strep test as of Saturday morning as I'm writing this, but luckily she reacts well with Tylenol and it keeps the fever down, unlike Kaylyn.

I went to go get my 2nd bandage change & stitches removed.  They tugged on the pin to see if it was ready to come out yet.  It becomes very loose when it is ready, and mine was a little loose.  So another week with the pin, but the sutures came out.  Have to go without bearing weight on my foot for another week until the pin comes out.  Since the crutches started really irritating my sides, Jason went out during lunch last Wednesday and came back with a knee scooter.  I prop my knee up on the scooter and push it around with my good leg.  It is very embarrassing because everybody sees me on it and laughs along with questioning the usage.  All my co-workers want to "pimp my ride".  I don't care that much though because it is way more comfortable to use than the crutches!  I'll have to post a picture of me on the scooter so you can see it.  Pain is better, but I can feel the pin constantly tugging and moving, which is apparently a good sign meaning the bone is healing and trying to push the pin out.  If I don't keep my foot elevated enough during the day, my leg & foot swell some.  Dr. Wilson is a very good podiatrist if anyone else is looking at doing this surgery.  After the pin comes out hopefully next Friday, I can start bearing weight on my foot again and will only have bandages on for one more week after that (since there will be a hole in my foot from where the pin once was).  I still have some numbness in my big toe, which will most likely come back within a few months.

 I can't wait to wash the yes off my foot! Taking stitches out, which was a little painful on some

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  1. Gross gross gross gross gross!!! I don't actually READ the words at the first post, I automatically scroll to the post that I finished on last and read up from there!!! My stomach turned again. If I puke for another 24 hours, it wasn't the roto virus or a stomach bug, it's your toe!!! I don't think you missed your calling as a foot model by the way :-). Hehe!

    The girls play looks really cute! I was just thinking how fun it is that they're all the same age and can do stuff like that together! Although when Kaylyn was here, she was so so good with Kalia...she kept trying to get her to say "Mommy". If you haven't already, show her the video of Kalia crawling! She kept trying to encourage it because Kalia was scooting around then.

    Your NYE looks perfect for the kiddos. We played scrabble, haha, and went to bed!

    I'm sorry to hear Ashlyn is sick :-(. You guys should catch a break's been nonstop for a month already!!

    Love all of you!! I'm guessing I'll see Ashlyn and Jason at least next month :-). Kalia should be exceptionally challenging with her new found mobility this next go round!! Haha!