Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday July 2nd - 1st Day in Blue Ridge, GA

The first day we headed out to go horseback riding, but when they called us back, they were already booked, so we scheduled to do it that Monday, July 4th. So we headed over to Mercier Orchards to check it out. This was their last day for blueberry picking, so we went ahead and did it along with taking a tractor ride through the orchards. It was very hot, but fun. To refresh ourselves we tried a free sample of their apple cider and peach cider. It was so good, I got a cup of peach cider and daddy & the girls got a cup of apple slushy. It was yummy, cold, and refreshing! We got dessert their too. Kaylyn got a cinnamon roll, mommy got a fried sweet potato pie, daddy got an apple fritter, and Ashlyn got a chocolate covered fried strawberry cream pie. Those were really good. When Kaylyn was munching away on her cinnamon roll, she bit down hard and lost her first molar tooth.

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  1. What a great vacation you guys had. We have lot's of blueberries, blackberries, marionberries , strawberries and raspberries that you can pick near our house. We also went hiking to a falls on the same weekend. Now were off in the morning for our one week trip to yellowstone, I hope to post to my blog while were there.