Friday, July 15, 2011

Monday July 4th - 3rd day in Blue Ridge, GA

Happy Independence Day! Today we went horseback riding. This was Ashlyn's first time on a large horse. The girls were really excited. There were parts of the trail that the horses would go into a pretty fast trot. The order we rode was a guide in front, another family was behind the front guide, then Daddy, Kaylyn, Ashlyn, me, and the rear guide. When Ashlyn's horse went into a fast trot she started sliding sideways off the horse with her foot out of the stirrup. I about had a heart attack and when the guide behind us finally caught up and jumped off his horse to help her, he said he couldn't get to her fast enough. Luckily she got some strength and pulled herself back up on the horse until the horse slowed down. Phew! Scared me to death... Anyways, after an hour and a half of riding, my legs were like jello.

It was lunchtime when we were done, so we ate lunch and then drove over to North Carolina and went to a Bible Park called Fields in the Wood. We climbed up a lot of stairs and saw the giant hillside that had the Ten Commandments on them. We went on one of their hiking trails. We saw a replica of the tomb that Jesus was buried in. There's a sidewalk cross with flags called All Nations Cross that bears the flags of the nations that the Word has reached. This was a pretty neat place to see. They even had a baptism pool that was donated by a Florida church.

On our drive back to the cabin, we drove to a Walmart to see if they had an underwater camera (we had already tried a few places in Blue Ridge and just outside of Blue Ridge with no luck). This one claimed that they used to have them, but no longer did. Jason looked really close while we were waiting for someone who knew about the cameras and found one of the underwater cameras that were left in the case. What luck...and it was marked down $60 (Olympus Tough 6000). Wanted it for when we went tubing and stuff.

When we got back to the cabin, I made a fire in the outside fireplace. It had cooled down that evening from the rain. We then sat in the hot tub for about 15 minutes to relax our sore muscles from the day. Nice long, fun, exhausting day.

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