Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunday July 3rd - Day 2 in Blue Ridge, GA

Today we drove up to the Aska Trails (many different trails off Aska Road). We chose two in particular since they were considered easy and seemed neat. The first one we went to was the Swinging Bridge. It was very hard to find since there wasn't a clear turn off (no road name on the actual road and it looked like a driveway), but we eventually found it. We had to drive almost three miles on a rocky, dirt road through the forest to get to the trail. Definitely want to be driving an SUV or truck for these types of roads. Hiked to the swinging bridge and it wasn't that far. Pretty neat to walk across and we saw two dogs swimming in the river below.

Next, we went to lunch at Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ. It wasn't that great, but appeased the appetite and the kids liked it. Then we drove over to hike to a fall called Long Creek Falls. This was a little more than 5 miles into the mountain woods on a rocky dirt road. On the drive, a rock got stuck somewhere in our tire wheel and made a very loud noise. It sounded like our car was falling apart as we were driving, but later daddy hit the tire hard and whatever it was fell out and didn't make anymore horrible noises (we thought we were going to have a huge auto repair bill by the noise it was making). It was a little more than a mile hike was right off the Appalachian Trails. It was a cute little fall and daddy fell getting the girls down the rocks to let them put their feet in the water.

On our drive back to the cabin, we stopped to help a little turtle cross the road (not a main road, so there was no traffic). When we got back to the cabin, Kaylyn and I went and picked blackberries in the backyard of the cabin. They were pretty good and there was a lot of them. We saw an animal den in the backyard, but didn't see what kind of animal made it (probably better we didn't because the horse guide told us that it was probably a bear den). Later that evening, Kaylyn lost her smaller tooth that was next to the molar...unbelievable that she's already losing her molar and baby is growing up! Tooth fairy made special trips to our vacation cabin!

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