Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday July 6th - 5th day in Blue Ridge, GA

We decided to drive back down to Rolling Thunder and kayak down the Ocoee River. They drop you off three miles up river to come back. The water was lower today and it was pretty difficult to kayak down the river constantly hitting rocks on the small rapids. I had to get out a few times to push the boat forward off the rocks. I did all the work in our kayak and was very tired afterwards. After we were done, we ate at a Mexican restaurant in the "Walk the Line" downtown. Then we walked around and looked at the stores for awhile. Most of them were closed since the train doesn't run down there on Wednesdays. On the way back to the cabins we stopped at Mercier Orchards again to get dessert. Daddy and I shared a blueberry fritter and a pecan fritter. Kaylyn got powdered donuts and Ashlyn got blueberry ice cream. It was a nice ending to a nice day.

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