Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday July 9th - 8th day in Atlanta, GA

Mommy, Lun Lun

Baby Po

~ 3 year old, Xi Lan

We got up and headed over to Zoo Atlanta. Way bigger than the Brevard Zoo, but very tiny compared to Guangzhou's Safari Zoo. Really hot, but enough shade around to not die of heat. Stuck around to see two of the shows. The bird show was nothing compared to the bird show at Animal Kingdom, but was still neat. We got to see the head silverback Gorilla get mad and pound his chest while running...that was pretty cool to see. We got to see, or rather hear, the lion roar. We got to see an elephant named Lucy paint (and they sell the paintings in their stores...too funny). We got to see the almost 3 year old Panda bear Xi Lan play for awhile, while the 9 month old Panda named Po, slept most of the time like her momma, Lun Lun. They were very beautiful, and Ashlyn especially likes Pandas since they are from her homeland. The tigers were there, but only the daddy tiger. The momma had just had babies a few days before, so she was in a nursery nursing them and taking care of them until they are six weeks old. You can see the pandas and tigers from Zoo Atlanta's website. They have webcams and stuff on during the week. They also have old videos and even show the Panda bear Po's birth.

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  1. I'm just like the Momma Tiger!! I get to come out this week...wahoo!! Your trip sounds amazing...the zoo sounds awesome, I'm sure the girls loved it! Love the pictures and the updates! Love you!