Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Aunt Jessica, Adam, Shyanne, & Tyler came over to our house for a little bit to exchange presents.  Later on in the evening, we went to Mamaw's house to have Chili and exchange gifts.  It was nice hanging with the family.  Poor Kaylyn is still sick though with her fever and coughing.  I wish there was something I could do!  At Mamaw's house we saw Mamaw of course, Wai-po, Wai-gong, Audrey and her sister, little Levi, Aunt Arrietta, Riley, Ellie, Tommy and his girls, Uncle Tim, Aunt Demi, and Taylor.  Afterwards, we went home where we set out oreos and chocolate milk for Santa and left him some notes.  One was telling Santa to enjoy the oreos and chocolate milk and the other was Kaylyn asking Santa to leave something in the animals' stockings!

Kaylyn, Shyanne, & Ashlyn

Tyler loving the Veggie Tales Noah's Ark we got him!

Shyanne with her new Action Bible

Ashlyn with her new Tinker Bell PJs

Tommy and his daughter, Aunt Arrietta & Ellie, and Mamaw



Uncle Tim


Kaylyn opening gifts still sick :-(

Riley and I

Ashlyn with her new bracelet from Taylor

Aunt Demi, Uncle Tim, and Mamaw

Mamaw with the Broken Chain frame of Papaw that we gave her

Taylor with the digital frame keychain we got her

Wai-po opening gifts

Wai-gong opening gifts

The stockings hung on the fireplace

Oreos, chocolate milk, and letters to Santa Claus

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