Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 14th and 16th, 2011 Back to the Manger & Christmas Tea with GEMS

On Wednesday December 14, 2011, the girls were in their Christmas choir performance called Back to the Manger.  It was done during the Wednesday night service at church and was streamed on the internet live.  Really awesome performance.  The girls had solos in the song Ring the Bells.  They were really cute!  Mommy and a few other people dressed from the 70s and walked down the aisles when the kids went back in time to that decade and then we danced disco style for a few seconds at the front before heading to our seats.  The kids did an awesome job and Pauline & Bonnie did an excellent jobs teaching the kids.


The kids had their Christmas tea with GEMS.  It was really cute!  GEMS is like a Christian girl scouts (Girls Everywhere Meeting their Savior).  They had tea and snacks, heard stories about Jesus, sang some Christmas songs, made ornaments, and had a gift exchange.  They thought it was really fun.

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