Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 28th Foot Surgery

On Wednesday December 28, 2011, I had a bunionectomy performed.  I was sedated for this procedure, but don't remember a was like being under anesthesia, except much easier to wake up from.  They numbed my whole foot, so I didn't feel much in my foot for quite a few hours after.  Then I took my pain medicine and that night it started hurting pretty bad.  The next day, I tried to take minimal pain medicine because I don't like the way it makes me feel, but the medicine wasn't doing anything for me.  Turned out that the second day is the peak of pain, so the next morning on day three, I went to the doctor's office and they changed my bandages out.  Beware, the pictures below are pretty graphic.  They basically sawed off the big toe bone that was sticking out and stuck a pin into my big toe to help it heal straight.  My foot had minimal swelling and not much bleeding (I think it's because I over iced it).  Today is day four and I've only taken two tylenol this morning and it's now the late afternoon and I'm about to take two more.  It's not that painful, just more of a dull ache now.  They have me using crutches for a couple of weeks and the boot over the bandages until the bandages permanently come off, which will be a week after the pin comes out on its own.

This picture was taken the day after surgery.

 I had to mark the surgery foot yes and the non-surgery foot no for them.

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  1. I know you warned me, but I still looked at the pictures and I just ate dinner. It might come back up... Your foot looks like it hurts a whole lot more than 2 Tylenol worth! I'm glad you're feeling better with it though...hopefully work goes okay and that you're able to prop it up so the swelling stays down and it doesn't start throbbing!

    Love you!

    p.s. I'm not pregnant, I'm just uploading stuff on my Kalia blog. Last time I tried to sign out and sign back in with my actual email thing, and it erased my comment!