Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 22, 2011 Ashlyn's Ear surgeries

Ashlyn did really well with her ear surgery. Poor thing is all bandaged up, but she is being a real trooper. It’s a good thing we took her out of soccer because she can’t do any physical activity for about 6-8 weeks.  She’s not in a lot of pain at all, which surprises the doctors.  The funniest thing we were walking out from post-op to holding she was telling everyone good luck and she did the same thing when being rolled out on the bed from holding to the OR.  Too funny!  She gets claustrophobic I think because when they put the mask on her, she said that was when she kicked.  She had a large bruise on the heel of one of her feet and she said it hurt real bad.

One year ago Jason was rushed to the ER from an urgent care doc when he was having chest pains radiating through his back. Turned out to be pneumonia in the bottom of his lung. Well, this year at the same time, Kaylyn was just diagnosed with pneumonia. She's had almost a 103 fever for 7 days straight now diagnosed with strep in the beginning. She also had a cough and the fever hadn't gone away after 9 doses of antibiotic. We saw the doc again yesterday (12/23/11) and she didn't know what it was, but ordered a chest x-ray just in case and some blood work to see if it could be mono. The chest x-ray showed some pneumonia so we started her on z-pack last night. Doc said she should be fever free by Christmas morning. Poor baby had to be isolated everywhere since Ashlyn was having surgery and we stayed with my sister and her 6 month old. She had Motrin at 5:00 am this morning with a 102.7 degree fever.  Hopefully she breaks the fever tonight.  I wish I could help her with her cough though, but she is sounding a little better today (12/24/11)!

 Both ears a few weeks ago.

 Left ear that had the cholesteatoma surgery (this is pre-2nd surgery)

 Left ear pre-surgery

Ashlyn in the pre-op room.

 Ashlyn in the holding room.

Ashlyn with her surgery bears.  They come out of surgery bandaged exactly the same as her!  Really cute.  She named the bears Ashlyn & Tucker :-)

Ashlyn in the recovery room coming in and out of sleep.  Was okay once we were there...she would open her eyes to make sure one of us was there and then she would go back to sleep.  Poor thing!  She did so well though.

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