Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ashlyn's 8th Birthday Party

We held Ashlyn's 8th birthday party at The Bear Factory in the Melbourne Square Mall. Kaylyn had her 7th birthday party here and it was a lot of fun. They play games, do face painting, paint nails, dance, eat pizza and cupcakes, and make a stuffed animal of their choosing. The kids really enjoyed it! Ashlyn had a huge smile the entire time.

Ashlyn ready for her party

They picked out which animals they wanted before anyone got there

Posing in front of the presents table

Kaylyn got a doggie paw print on her face

Ashlyn got her nails painted (one hand blue and one hand pink)

We got Schafer a Paper Jamz Guitar for his birthday (him and Ashlyn share the same birthday)

Drying their nails

Showing off their nails

Getting ready to play a game of Hot Potato

Playing Hot Potato with a Gator

Dancing away

Let's Limbo

Kaylyn doing the limbo

Ashlyn loves to dance

Making a wish with the heart being put inside the bear

Blowing off all the extra fuzz and stuffing

Giving Panda the adoption papers with the name Panda

Dancing with the bear

Picture with the Bear

Loving everybody singing Happy Birthday to Ashlyn

Blowing out the candles

Table 1 enjoying cupcakes

Table 2 enjoying cupcakes

Table 3 enjoying cupcakes

Musical Chairs (actually became dangerous at one point)

Gathering the candy after the pinata was opened

Children seeing what candy they got

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