Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Birthday Attendants & Their Animals

Here's all the kids that attended Ashlyn's birthday and which stuffed animal they made:

Kiana Hall (husky)

Nicholas (Nicky) Stusse (Beaver)

Delilah Renken (Duck)

Jordan Forte (Snowman)

Brandt Reck (Gray Tabby Cat)

Felix (Gabriel) Castro (Tiger)

Dominick Castro (Leopard)

Leah Amig (Panda Bear)

Ellie Miner (Calico Cat)

Rachel Nagel (Panda Bear)

Shyanne Kirschner (Turtle)

Shelby Sprinkle (Calico Cat)

Schafer Sprinkle (Horse)

Sydney Sprinkle (Baby Unicorn)

Kaylyn Barton (Husky)

Christopher Nordgren (Baby Black Kitten)

Benjamin Echols (White Cat)

Capernia McCarthy (Husky)

Abigail Echols (Husky)

Ashlyn Barton (The Birthday Girl) (Panda)

Also in attendance besides the parents of the children who were present, was Mrs. Lucas. Thank you to everyone who came. This made for a very enjoyable birthday for Ashlyn and probably one she will remember forever!

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