Friday, February 18, 2011

Calvary Chapel Academy Soccer...Go Eagles!

February 13, 2011, the girls had their soccer games almost at the same time. Ashlyn's game started 15 minutes before Kaylyn's, so we took some team pictures of Ashlyn's team and then I had to go over with Kaylyn for her game. Took some random shots of Kaylyn playing. She played a really good defender on this day. She had just gone to urgent care to make sure she didn't have strep or flu cause her throat hurt and she had a slight fever. Both came back negative and the doc said to just treat the symptoms, so she took some tylenol and said she wanted to play! She's getting better at soccer this year being a little more aggressive. Ashlyn's been getting better at playing, just learning to kick the ball and control it. She's been hurt quite a few times this season with the ball going to her face, chest, and stomach on more than one occasion and even all three on one occasion. Poor thing! She seems to get right back up and move on after she cries a little.

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