Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We spent the Chinese New Year (Thursday February 3rd) at the Red Ginger. It was very good. They did the Lion dance in the parking lot beforehand and then we ordered our food. We ate a whole fish (steamed red snapper). It was delicious! Ashlyn ate most of it.

We got tickets to the Chinese New Year Festival here in town on Sunday February 6th. They had a lot of performances during this. They did a half hour Lion dance , had a face changer, played instruments, had Chinese kids from Disney do acrobats, sang opera and gospel music in Chinese, etc... The food was really good too! We were there from 3:30 pm until almost 7:30 pm. Ashlyn wanted to do it again tonight, but I told her that she'd have to wait a whole year till the next one :-) We won two door prizes while we were certificate to Young's buffet and a 2011 Taiwan scarf.

We will celebrate the Chinese New Year with our adoption agency families of Florida on the 20th in Orlando. Looking forward to this since a few of the families were in China when we were.

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