Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013 - Jason's Pre-ops up at Shand's Hospital and Cardiology Clinic

So, we headed up to Gainesville today for Jason's pre-ops.  The first one is at 12:30 pm at the Cardiology Clinic.  While we wait for the EKG person to come in, the heart surgeon's head R.N. came in and asked if we had been told yet.  We obviously said no, and it turned out that Jason's surgery had been cancelled for Thursday and wouldn't be rescheduled soon.  We were very upset, but were told that it was for a baby that was born and needed heart surgery.  The one thing we did try to emphasize was that our insurance was starting over July 1st and we would probably have to pay $12,000 out of pocket for all the expenses that this was going to be (we already met this out of pocket maximum for this policy year).  Also, timing-wise, there were other things to consider.  She immediately emailed the surgeon and he replied back that it had to be in June then.  But because we were already up here, they wanted Jason to continue with the heart catheterization procedure the next day, which had to be done before surgery anyways.  Also, do the other pre-op for the surgery because it is good for 30 days.  This way, if the surgery is scheduled last minute, we would be good to go!  So we went to the hospital and did the anesthesia pre-op for the surgery.

After all the pre-op stuff, we headed to the hotel and checked in along with cancelling the rest of our stay.  Jason was disappointed that it was pushed out further and we were going to have to cancel all the short term disability paperwork and start over with a new date.  But, we thought, this must be for a reason!  We went to dinner and while we were at dinner, the heart catheter doctor called and said we wouldn't be able to come in when he told us.  We thought he was going to cancel too, but just told us to come in an hour later than was planned, 8:00 am.  The hotel was pretty uncomfortable with the air conditioner that barely worked and the bed that was sort of uncomfortable.

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