Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013 - Update 3 for Jason's Heart Surgery

Jason's out of surgery.  Because of the heart valve replacement  and his aorta being so thin in some areas, they ended up doing the Bentall procedure (replaced entire aorta with graft) and the valve is the On-X Mosaic which could be a lifetime heart valve.  There's also a study that just came out on it to have minimal coagulants and another study in the works to be off coagulants and just be on aspirin and Plavix.  He's already off the ventilator, which is really good and the thing he worried about the most.  His chest tubes are also only in the front and none at the sides which is less painful.  The doctor is hopeful that his recovery will be quick and everything looks really good.  The reason they had to replace the valve was it was leaking in a bad way and they couldn't get enough blood to flow through the heart to stop it, so the only option was to replace it.  His aorta was thinned out a lot in some areas really bad, so the operation was definitely needed.  They said the possibility of using the heart valve he had would be 80-90% over the next 2 years and only 50% over the next 5, so it was inevitable to replace the valve.  We are still waiting to go back and see him.  There doing chest x-ray, bloodwork, etc... which is called tucking him in.  That is all I have for now.  Please keep praying for him to recover and have no complications.


  1. Very good news. Keep us informed. Hopefully you can relax a "little" now. Tell Jason Tony says HI ... :)

  2. Continuing to pray for all 4 of you. I read the OnX articles, and it looks interesting, all right.