Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013 - Update 2 for Today

So after the nausea started, about a half hour later Jason got a nose bleed and within five minutes of the nose bleed, he felt better.  He ate all his breakfast and then did his PT.  After the second lap around he got the shakes really bad again and his blood pressure shot up.  After sitting down for about five minutes the shakes subsided and his blood  pressure was still elevated, but he did not get out of breath this time.  They did an echo and EKG to check everything before releasing him to the cardio floor.  We know the tests came back fine, so we are waiting for the order to release him from the ICU.  Once that order comes,  his A-line will come out and he can go to the other floor (private room with bathroom).   He's really excited about leaving the ICU.   He's ready to leave the noisy, moaning patients!  None of the doctors can explain the shaking that happens when he does his walks????  Maybe anxiety, hopefully.

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