Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013 - Update 1 for Today

So Jason was finally moved out of ICU at 11pm last night.  We went on a Wendy's frosty run before he was moved with Kerri.  He downed that sucker in less than two minutes. This morning he walked around the entire wing three times without the uncontrollable shaking. Yeah! His INR was 1.2 this morning :-( So it has been 1.0 three days in a row and 4th day is 1.2. Was hoping for a little higher of a number. His Heparin level was still .19 & they want that around .25, but they haven't changed his dosing on anything. I bathed him and he brushed his teeth do he's in a much better mood today than he has been in a long time.  For lunch he wants me to bring him waffle fries :-)

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