Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013 - Update 2 for Today

 So I brought Jason back some waffle fries after lunch and he downed them.  Not too long after he was able to go to the bathroom finally!  Our friend Mary came to  visit Jason and eat lunch with me.  It was a nice visit.  Dr.  Gessner  came to visit Jason yesterday and today which Jason really enjoyed.  They upped his Heparin drop a little this morning and they just gave him his daily Coumadin, which they finally upped to 7 mg from 5 mg the last three days, so hopefully his blood work will  show improvement tomorrow.  He went for another walk three times around the hall without the tremors or shortness of breath.  Amazing what a difference one day made!  He also got an order that allows him to take a shower, which he's really excited about. Faiza, Jason's nurse, got me one of the extra dinners they were serving patients so I didn't have to eat at Wendy's or Subway again.  She's very sweet!  Well, I have to go because Jason wants to do more rounds around the hallway :)

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