Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013 Update 1 for today

So yesterday afternoon after Jason slept about 4  hours, he woke up looking much better. I was worried until he seemed much better.  This morning he  seemed good and we already saw Dr.  Fudge.  He's monitoring blood pressure.  It's border line whether they're going to start him on a blood pressure medicine.  They started  his Coumadin  this morning and it will take a few days to get that (INR) regulated to where he can go home.  They think he might go home Thursday.   One thing I forget to mention about the surgery  was that Jason never had to get a blood transfusion, which they told us he was going to have, so that was a pleasant surprise after the surgery! His IV line into his artery in his arm is burning  when anything is put into it.  She replaced everything and believes there was still potassium in the line which is what caused the burning.  His potassium was low last night so they tried to give it to him, but it burned so much they had to stop.  Doctor said he could take it in pill form.  So right now he's good and they're just monitoring all his levels.

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