Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013 - Update 4 Jason's Heart Surgery

So, I'm in CICU and now Jason is  becoming more aware of what's going on, which means anesthesia is finally wearing off.  He's very thirsty but isn't allowed to drink yet.  He's also itchy from the pain meds. I  explained the procedure they had to do and he seemed upset,  but I  tried to explain that it was a good thing.  right now I'm typing this on my phone so excuse me if anything ifs misspelled or grammatically incorrect  :-) I  heard from more than one nurse that he's doing extremely well for what they just did,  so that's good!  Praise God!


  1. Nice progress. See you both at work on Tuesday then :)

  2. The kids are being great even though they're missing Mom and Dad. I'm so glad he made it through the procedure and at least now he has a valve that should last a lifetime. Our thoughts are with both of you, as always.

    Love - Mom and dad

  3. You both have been in my thoughts. Thank God he's doing well. He'll be 100% before he knows it.
    Love You Both,