Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013 - Update 2 for Today

 So Jason is off  Heparin and gave himself his first injection of Levenox.  He was so nervous!   Some volunteers came by and were inviting the patients to come do arts and crafts. I forced Jason to go so he could get out and do something different.  He really ended up enjoying that and we each ended up making a card.  Mine is the elephant card and Jason's is the dolphin card.  They turned out cute.  We got back to the room and Jason started the uncontrollable shaking again :( I had him sit and talked to him for awhile and it quickly went away.  He's excited that he is no longer hooked to anything since the Heparin drip is gone.  We walked two laps before the crafts without the pole and there was some shaking but not bad because he was holding my hand. I  think holding the pole earlier was helping him control his shakes. I might see if Parker Healthcare rents things like the pole to  help him walk with since it seems to work.  People keep asking what INR means, and I found this website:


  1. So creative. :) I remember you having to give yourself injections while pregnant. Now it's Jason's turn. Love you both. Excited for you that it may be your last night there.

  2. Those cards are very nice. I'm so proud how you both colored between the lines :)