Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013 - Update 1 for Today

Last night the nurses took Jason for a walk around the halls, and he made it twice around before having his panic attack (hard time breathing and shaking really bad).  I gave him his bath last night and his bed sheets were changed, along with his EKG stickies. I left around 11 pm  last night and he was in better spirits when I left.  He was feeling good when I came in and there was talk of moving him out of ICU. I missed the doctor by about 15 minutes. I went to get breakfast, and when I got back he had his breakfast.  He suddenly got really nauseated and did not want to eat.  He tried to go to the bathroom, but had no success.  So we set the food aside for later.  His PT came by, but he told her to come back closer to lunch time.  They have him on the same dose of heparin, so the reading must be good on that dose.  His INR level is still only one, and needs to be between two and three.  This is the reading he needs normalized to leave the hospital.  Here is a picture of him walking last night.

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  1. Way to go, Jason. Hoping you are in a different room now and that your tummy is doing better. I think you should keep the gown. It's very becoming. :)