Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 - Update 1 for Today

So, I woke up late today at 7:30, but got to hospital by 8:10.  Doctor was in here and only issue right now is that his Heparin levels are too low.  They'll give him his next dose of Coumadin tonight at 6 pm.  They are still hoping they can get his Coumadin regulated by Wednesday night and he can go home in Thursday.  His INR  levels need to be between twoand three and his are currently at one.  His pain is a little high this morning because he asked for pain meds and didn't get them until an hour after he asked for them.  Since he is one of the better off patients in ICU currently, they've kind of put him on the back burner, so now I'm having to be his advocate! A little disappointing, but at least I haven't had to advocate the entire time.  He ate really good yesterday and ate all his breakfast this morning.  His other only issue is that he needs to go to the bathroom soon,  our they're gonna have to start looking at his tummy.

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