Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013 - Update 1 for Today

INR was only 1.4 this morning, but it takes two days for it to change.  Since his dose was increased yesterday, we probably won't see the jump on INR till tomorrow.  Dr.  Diego is guessing 1.7  tomorrow.  He's going to start him on some injection that he'll have to do at home since his INR probably won't be where they want it by tomorrow, but this will allow him to go home tomorrow.  We'll have to get his blood checked first thing Monday morning at the Quest Diagnostics lab in Melbourne.  The shots will basically take the place of Heparin.  He'll have to do one in morning and one at night.  He'll have to do that until his INR is between 2 and 3.   He did 4  more laps this morning.  His sheets got changed, and he got bathed with new gown and new boxers, so he feels good now.  He ate all his breakfast before I got here and I brought him an Apple fritter, which he ate willingly :)  He also went 7 1/2  hours between Percocet doses with minimal pain.

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  1. Look at them legs :) Yay! I am glad they are gonna send him home on the (I am guessing) Lovenox and you get to ditch these digs. If I get my infinate list of chores done I will come visit this evening, if not, see you when you come back for a checkup? Love you guys!